Young Adult and Early Adult Development Tasks (18-35 years)

Young Adult and Early Adult Development Tasks (18-35 years)

1) Find friendship in social groups. Each individual must have a different understanding of each other. At this time they are looking for people or groups who have the same and similar understandings as themselves.

2) Responsible as a citizen, citizen. A person is said to be an adult who has the right to determine his own way of life, including in this case the rights and obligations as a citizen.

3) Start work activities. That is, they begin to determine their way of life to meet their own needs, including in this case someone who is an adult will start looking for work and start working in a certain position.

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4) Choose a mate/life partner. They will look for a suitable life partner to be a life partner or to form a household life. They will determine the criteria for age, education, occupation, or certain ethnicity as a requirement for their life partner

5) Learn to live with a life partner. That is, each individual will adjust his opinion and understand with his life partner. In this case, each individual will begin to ignore the wishes or personal rights that become the needs or interests of his family.

6) Starting a family. That is, after choosing and finding a life partner, they will form a family and build it to achieve happiness in life.

7) Manage the household. Namely, in managing the household, there must be frankness between partners to avoid conflict in the household.

Duties in Adulthood (35 years – 60 years)

1) Have social and state responsibilities as adults.

2) Develop and maintain an economic standard of living.

3) Guiding children and youth as responsible adults.

4) Develop leisure activities as an adult.

5) Accept and adapt to physical changes.

6) Adjusting to life as an aging parent.

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Tasks in Old Age (60 years-end)

1) Adjusting to a declining health condition.

2) Adjusting to the retirement situation and declining income.

3) Adjusting to the death of a spouse.

4) Build relationships with fellow seniors.

5) Maintain health conditions.

6) Readiness to face death.

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