Inventor of the Laptop, Biography and Story of Adam Osborne

Inventor of the Laptop, Biography and Story of Adam Osborne

ADAM Osborne (March 6, 1939 – March 18, 2003) was a book author, software publisher, and computer designer who founded several companies in the United States and elsewhere. Adam Osborne is one of the great figures in the world of technology through his contribution to the invention of the laptop or portable computer.

Adam Osborne graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1961 and later received his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. After graduating from university, he worked as an application or software developer, and was also actively writing several books.

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Adam Osborne's invention was born from the idea of a man named Alan Kay who had the concept of a portable computer or the forerunner of a laptop. The idea was later developed by Adam Osborne by creating the first laptop or portable computer which was later named the Osborne 1. The Osborne I was created by Adam Osborne with a weight of 10 pounds with a 5-inch screen, a small battery for power and with two. floppy disk drives and also comes with a small memory and keyboard. With the official price, the price is quite expensive at around 1,795 $.

Sold up to 10,000 units per month, the Osborne became the best-selling computer. Earnings earned Adam Osborne also reached about 70 million dollars. Seeing the success of the Osborne I sales, he asked Adam Osborne to release the next line of laptops or portable computers he made called Executive, but Executive sales did not match the Osborne I.

Since childhood, Adam Osborne liked things that smelled of technology. From his hobby he can make laptops or portable computers. He also never thought that his product would affect current technological developments.

The story of the invention of the world's first laptop

Laptop, is one of the items that are now needed to support work and school. The shape, size and weight of the laptop allows users to easily access the laptop whenever and wherever they need, and allows users to take the laptop with them wherever they go.

But do you know the history of the world's first laptop? Like what and when was the first laptop made?

1. Created by Adam Osborne

The Osborne 1 was created and named after its creator, Adam Osborne. Adam Osborne is the son of an English writer named Arthur Osborne.

Adam was born in Thailand in 1939. As a young man, Osborne moved to England and in 1961 Osborne earned a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Birmingham and then a PhD in the same field from the University of Delaware.

Osborne worked for a short time at the Shell company, but left to take an interest in computers and writing.

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2. Osborne wasn't the first to make a laptop

Through the company Xerox Parc, Alan Kay proposed the idea of a laptop in 1968 and published it through papers such as the Dynabook published in 1972.

3. Osborne Computer Corp. founded to make laptops

In March 1980, Adam Osborne Lee Felsenstein, a former Intel engineer, approached Steve Jobs, Steve Leininger, and Steve Wozniak of Apple to work together to create an affordable portable computing company.

Using results from Adam Osborne's publishing company, in 1981, Osborne Computer Corp.

4. Osborne 1. Specifications and Weight

From Adam Osborne's specifications, Felsenstein designed the osborne 1 with a built-in housing and handle that can withstand accidental drops and can be placed in an aircraft seat.

The Osborne 1 is a 5-inch screen with a tube and has a floppy disk drive and has an optional battery so it doesn't need to be plugged into a power outlet during use. The laptop weighs almost 11 kg.

5. First introduced in April 1981

The Osborne 1 was first introduced to the public in April 1981 at a computer fair. At that time, the Osborne 1 sold for $1795.

6. The first sale of the Osborne 1 was a huge success

Since its introduction, the Osborne 1 has caught the attention of the market. In the first 8 months the Osborne 1 sold at least 11,000 units.

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7. Fall due to the arrival of competitors

Although initially successful, the Osborne 1 was unable to compete with newcomers who offered laptops with good specifications and more affordable prices. The Kaypro computer was a newcomer to the same product that eventually toppled the Osborne 1.

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