Grow Flower Child Early Age, Concept and Phase Development

Phases Grow flower

Stage Step development man have enough phase long. For destination organizing and understanding , we generally describe development in definition period or phase development .

Classification period most extensive development used covers order as following : Period pre birth, period baby, period beginning child child, period mid and end child child, period teenager, period beginning adult, period mid mature and time end mature.

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Estimated average range age according to period following this give something idea general when something period start and ends. Following is explanation more carry on about on every period Step Step development man in the book Life-Span Development by John Santrock :

1. Period The prenatal period is moment from conception until birth. Period this is time great growth normal from one cell single until Becomes perfect organism with ability brain and behavior, which is generated think think in 9 month period .

2. Masa baby (infacy) is period spanning development from birth up to 18 or 24 months. time baby is very good time depend in adults. Lots activity psychology that happened only as start like language, thought symbolic, sensorimotor coordination, and study social.

3. Time beginning child child (early childhood) that is period stretching development from time baby until age five or six year, period this usually called with period preschool. During time this, son child small study the more independent and guard self they own, develop Skills readiness go to school (follow command, identify letter), and to spare time hours for play with friend friend same age. If has enter class one school base, then by general end time beginning child child.

4. Time mid and end child children (middle and late childhood) are period spanning development from age think think six until eleven year, which is think equivalent with year year school base, period this usually called with year year school base. Skills fundamental skills like read, write and count has mastered. Child formally related with more world large and culture. Performance Becomes more themes central from world child and control self start increase .

5. Masa adolescence (adolescence) is something period transition from time beginning child child until time beginning adult, entered on age think approx 10 to 12 years and end on 18 years old up to 22 years. time teenager start on change fast physique, increase heavy and tall dramatic body, change form body, and development characteristics sexual like enlargement breasts , development waist and mustache, and inside sound. On development this, achievement independence and identity very stand out (thoughts) the more logical, abstract, and idealistic) and the more many use up time outside family.

6. Masa beginning early adulthood is period the start of development on end age dozens year or beginning age twenties year and that ends on age twenties year. This is time formation independence personal and economy, time development career, and for many people, period election couple, study life with somebody by familiar, get started family, and nurturing child child.

time mid middle adulthood is period the start of development on age think approx 35 to 45 years old and stretch until age sixties year. This is time for expand involvement and not quite enough answer personal and social like help generation next Becomes competent individual, mature and reach as well as maintain satisfaction in career.

7. Masa end adult (late adulthood) is period the start of development on age sixties or seven twenty year and end on death. This is time adjustment self on decrease strength and health, stare return life, retirement and adjustment self with role role social new .

Principle and Theory Grow flower

Principle and Theory Grow flower

Growing process flower child also have mutual principles related. Principles the is as following :

  • Development is result of ripening process and study. Maturity is an intrinsic process that occurs with by itself , according to with existing potential on individual . Study is development that comes from from practice and effort. Through study, child get ability use inherited source and the potential child.
  • Pattern development could predicted.
  • There is equality pattern development for all child. With thereby development a child could predicted. Development in progress from stages general to stages specific, and occur sustainable .

Draft Grow flower

As giver service nursing, nurse give service from start man before born until with died, in nurse same case given action will very be happy because everyone is unique, so a nurse sued for understand the growing process flower.

Grow flower is results of 2 interacting factors ie

1. factor hereditary

2. factor environment .

Man in grow and develop influenced by Conditions :

1. physical

2. cognitive

3. psychological

4. moral

5. spiritual 

Grow flower is a dynamic process and Keep going continuously.

Principle grow flower

1. grow flower Keep going continuously and complex

2. grow flower is a regular process and could predictable

3. grow flower different and integrated

4. every aspect grow flower different dalah every the stage and could modified

5. stages fall down Specific for everyone Principle

Development from Kozier and Erb

1. human grow by Keep going continuously

2. human follow same shape in growth and 

3. human development develop cause he get the learning process and 

4. maturity respectively stages development think characteristics certain

5. as long as baby (infancy) and toddler is moment formation behavior, style live and form growth.

Grow flower is Orderly (orderly) and sequential but also Keep going continuously and complex.

1. Everyone has same experience shape

2. Every form and level development is special

Grow flower have pattern regular and could predictable ;

1. Cephalocaudal (head to tail)

2. Proximaldistal

3. Symmetrical

Grow flower different and integrated

Example nerves grow typical or different because respond to different stimuli .

Difference aspect in grow flower occur because different stage , number and could modified .

1. bone grow fast on year first, during year before school growth bone slow down

2. talk develop fast on 3-5 years old

Stages grow flower Specific for everyone . Skills and maturity physique and psychological different and special from everyone

Theory grow flower

1. Psychoanalysis from Sigmund Freud

2. Psychosocial from Erik Erikson

3. Development Cognitive by Jean Piaget

4. Moral Development from Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan

5. Development trust from James Fowler

Principles base grow flower

1.Organized and follow rule certain in accordance age
2. Have destination and in progress follow axis body :

  • Cephalocaudal : Growth (from head to more parts low)
  • Proximodistal : development ( from the central area  proximal body) to direction outside (peripheral )
  • Differentiation development (from simple to complex).
  • Complex, not yet could predicted, happened with pattern which consistent and chronological
  • Unique on each individual and its derivatives, and every individual attempted reach development which maximum
  • Occur through conflict and adaptation as well as is challenge for each individual in form Duty Specific certain in accordance age and ability .
  • Demand practice and energy which addressed on each Step development and Duty finish it.

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