Tips for Safe Eating at Street Vendors During a Pandemic

Eating at street vendors is sometimes better than at a coffee shop or six-star restaurant. Moreover, in Bandung the number of good food at roadside stalls can reach hundreds.

But before trying roadside food, make sure you pay attention to roadside safe eating tips.

Fried duck, fried rice, fried chicken, and grilled meat can all be found at street food stalls. Eating there can be better, right? In addition to the atmosphere, the price is usually quite friendly on the wallet.

You can save a few thousand or maybe tens of thousands of rupiah if you eat on the side of the road. However, there are also some things to consider when going to lunch or dinner at a street stall. Especially in this era of pandemic like now.

Although now some roadside stalls have space for washing hands with soap, the process is still not as strict as when eating in cafes or restaurants. Your temperature will not be checked and of course, you can only pay for the food in cash.

So, to avoid unwanted things when eating on the roadside, let's look at some tips for eating at the following street vendors.

Prepare Your Tableware

The wisest step when eating at street food stalls today is to bring your own eating utensils from home. Especially now, you can get a set of cutlery easily, complete with the container.

If you are worried about the cleanliness of the cutlery at the roadside stall, you can rest easy by bringing a set of cutlery from home.

Prepare Hand Sanitizer along with Antibacterial Tissue

Now, roadside stalls also provide hand sanitizer to their customers. However, you can bring your own cleaner. Who knows your favorite place to eat will run out of sanitizer and no water to wash your hands.

In addition, you can also bring your own antibacterial wipes to clean your hands and dining table. This is also a wise move, especially for people who are still worried about cleanliness.

Bring Your Own Drinking Water

Still worried about the cleanliness of the food at your favorite warung? Don't forget to bring your own water bottle.

In addition to saving on drinking water costs when eating on the roadside, bringing your own bottled water can also prevent you from being exposed to bacteria directly.

In addition, you will help reduce plastic waste. Straws and plastic water bottles.

Prepare Cash

Several roadside food stalls are now preparing non-cash payments. However, there are still many warungs that only accept cash payments.

So, don't forget to prepare money to pay for food.

In addition, also prepare some coins to give to the buskers. Usually, roadside stalls are a paradise for buskers.

Pay attention to the number of visitors

Generally people judge from the number of visitors or buyers. Usually street vendor stalls are always full and people have to queue, things like this give the impression the food is considered delicious but don't use this as a benchmark.

Perhaps, he ate out of curiosity. Whether or not food is delicious in one place, depends on everyone's taste. And there's no harm in trying the roadside street vendor stalls that your friends recommend.

Although the visitors are not many, who knows the food is more suitable for your tongue. After all, who can eat comfortably if there are too many shoppers?

Here are five tips for safe eating at street vendors during the pandemic.

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