The Positive and Negative Effect of Globalization on Life

The Positive Effect of Globalization on Life.

There are many positive impacts of globalization on world life, as we all know. Therefore we must be able to optimize the positive effects of globalization for the benefit of all of us on this earth that we love. It is common knowledge that globalization has a very positive effect on information disclosure, starting with the emergence of print media until now internet technology is growing.

Nowadays it is very easy for us to update information, any information can reach us from the gadgets in our hands, for example, about education, knowledge. Another positive impact that we can feel from globalization is the ease of communication, besides that the access is getting faster and cheaper. In the past, it took days to convey messages from one place to another by using a courier, but now it is only a matter of minutes or even seconds, we can communicate with other people even though they are far away.

It is undeniable that the positive effects of globalization can make the rapid development of science and technology in the world, especially in developing countries like Indonesia. One of the positive impacts of the presence of globalization for the economy is the growing and stretching of a country's economy, this is of course due to more and more capital entering a country such as money, technology, resources, and others. This is certainly good for creating jobs and reducing the unemployment rate. In the field of economics or business, globalization has had such a great influence, one of which is that it can open a wider market. With this condition, it is hoped that Indonesia can talk a lot by exporting domestic products to the international world so that it can create a surplus in our trade balance and of course it is good for our economy.

Globalization also has a very positive impact on the development of the world of tourism and tourism in a country, Indonesia is no exception. Tourist attractions in Indonesia are increasingly known to the world community through various technologies such as the internet, for example. Be aware that there are many tourist spots in remote areas of Indonesia which are visited by foreign tourists because of this.

Negative Effects of Globalization on Life.

Globalization affects all aspects of people's lives, either directly or indirectly. According to Friedman (2000), globalization is a neutral system. Glonslization can have a positive or negative effect, can strengthen or weaken the joints of life, standardize or moralize, also democratize or vice versa. It all depends on how we respond to it.

According to Tillar (1997) the influence of globalization includes three fields, namely, the economic field, the political field and the socio-cultural field. In the economic field, globalization affects the regulation of goods and services, exchange of goods and services, distribution, and consumption. In the political field, globalization affects the concentration and application of power. In the socio-cultural field, globalization affects the exchange and symbolic expression of facts, meanings, beliefs, tastes , and values.

Global commodities, global markets , global workforce, global communications, global distribution of goods and services, and global tourists. Meanwhile, it appears that the sovereignty of the people is weakening. These changes are in accordance with the analysis of Barnet and Cavanagh (Tilaar, 1997) in their book Global Dreams. They stated that the global dream will soon become a reality in the form of three very dominant global processes, namely the global-mall image, the global workplace, and global finance.

Attitude Towards Globalization

Globalization cannot be explained but, globalization can be faced with certain strategies. According to Joseph E. Stiglitz, the most important strategy to face globalization is to manage globalization. Meanwhile, Thomas L. Friedman expresses his views on how to deal with globalization through an interesting analogy, as the title of his book Lexus and The Olive Tree. Lexus is a luxury Japanese car brand, and Olive Tree is the name of a tree that grows in Jerusalem. If Lexus is a symbol of developed countries and Olive Tree is a symbol of developing countries, he suggested that the Olive Tree must have solid roots to compete with Lexus. If the Olive Tree does not have strong roots, it will not be able to face globalization.

Learning from the views of the two experts, the appropriate policy choice for the Indonesian people is to try to manage globalization as well as possible and strengthen national roots.

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