Factors that Cause Juvenile Delinquency and Their Impact on Young People

Factors that cause juvenile delinquency.

Adolescence lies between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence is considered to have begun when the child has matured in the sexual aspect and then ends when the child matures sexually. law. Adolescence is often known as the rebellion period. Early adolescence starts from the age of 13 years to 16 years and late adolescence from 16 years to 18 years, they are still categorized as children in the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2002. At this time, a child who has just experienced puberty often displays various emotional turmoil, withdraws from the family, and experiences many problems, either at home, school, or in his circle of friends.

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Family factors greatly affect the development and growth of children, if the child is treated badly, such as being discriminated against from the family. drunkenness, etc. The general characteristic of adolescent development is that adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood so that it often shows characteristic traits, such as anxiety, confusion, because of a conflict, the desire to fantasize, and group activities.

Environmental factors , according to the sociologist Kartono, include the failure of teenagers to go through their transition period, from small children to adults, and also because of their weak self-defense against the influence of the outside world that is not good. As a result, parents complain about their children's unruly behavior. , sometimes even acting against them. Family conflicts, mood swings, depression, and the emergence of risky behavior are more common in adolescence than at other times throughout the life span.

Mental factors that are still very unstable and turbulent in him are barely controlled, while emotion itself is every activity or agitation of thoughts, feelings, passions, and every mental state that is intense and very overflowing. Emotions , yes.

Impact of juvenile delinquency.

Juvenile delinquency may now be familiar to us to hear, many teenagers do not think about the negative impact of their actions. Usually there are so many factors that they can do whatever they want even though they know what they are doing is wrong. Indeed today, many teenagers are easy and easy to influence and be influenced by their social environment such as saying bad things, smoking, gambling, drug users and dealers, and getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Delinquency like this is usually caused by many factors, for example due to family factors, when children feel unnoticed and lack of love from the family, especially from parents so that even children will feel lonely and eventually children will look for fun outside and they will hang out freely with whomever. just what they want. Environmental factors can also affect the behavior of children, if the environment is good, the child will at least behave well and vice versa when he is in a bad environment, the child will behave badly, especially when he is a teenager, the child will be easily influenced. And maybe because of the lack of religious factors, this is usually parents who pay less attention so that children do not get a good religious education, children will be far from God so that they will instill bad morals in the child.

There are many negative impacts of juvenile delinquency for themselves and those around them. If not handled immediately, he will grow into a bad personality. Adolescents who commit certain delinquencies will certainly be avoided or even ostracized by many people, these teenagers will only be considered as bullies or useless people.

As a result of being ostracized by the people around him, the teenager will experience a "psychological disorder". What is meant by mental disorders does not mean crazy, but he will feel isolated in terms of socialization, feel very sad, or even hate the people around him. From this juvenile delinquency, it is the family who bear the shame, this is certainly very detrimental. Imagine if there is a teenager who is then influenced by promiscuity, it is almost certain that he will not have a bright future. His life will slowly crumble and never have time to fix it.

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It is better for parents to really be able to guide their children and always give good directions so they don't fall into promiscuity. The love and attention of parents is needed by their children. And especially for teenagers, they must have their own awareness that falling into promiscuity will make the future bleak, increase Faith so that they are not easily tempted by bad behaviors.

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