Education Revolution, Digital Platform is the Ultimate Solution

Culture shock is spreading in various aspects of life in Indonesia. Since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the learning system has begun to be disrupted due to a lack of preparation for distance learning (PJJ). So this encourages gaps in the education process in Indonesia.

In this case, the Ministry of Education and Culture has budgeted Rp. 1.49 trillion for policies on the "Digitalization of Schools" program for 2021. This is aimed at equitable access to education throughout Indonesia.

Funds will also be allocated to prepare computer information equipment (ICT) for the community, home study programs by TV stations, complete teaching materials, and strengthening digital platforms.

Education about digital learning is now continuously being disseminated to schools and teachers so that data distribution, curriculum, training, teaching materials can be evenly accessed by schools, teachers, and students. Online media is now very popularly used for the learning process such as making video calls, chatting, e-mailing, and others.

Even though teachers can still teach their students during PJJ through Google Meet or Zoom. But in the process of assigning teachers have difficulty organizing and monitoring student work. One of the platforms that has a function to solve this problem is Koco Paper, which has just been launched in mid-September 2020 at .

As stated by Faizal, Managing Director of Koco Paper, “This digital platform will help the teaching process for school teachers and tutors. KOCO is available with special annotations that have been prepared for task work and monitor features so that teachers no longer need to find it difficult to find student assignments that have been completed in emails that have piled up or in WhatsApp chats which sometimes have sunk in the group.

And also, you can also give an assessment or send it back to be reworked by students with KOCO.” In addition, the e-book feature on also supports this platform as a new breakthrough in Asia as a platform for providing books as a teaching resource from the largest publisher in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore Asia Publisher (SAP).

This is supported by the reason that the level of tree felling in Indonesia is still very high because the demand for domestic and international markets is still very high. In fact, based on the analysis of the UN Environment Program World Conservation Monitoring Center in the FAO report "The State of the World's Forests 2020", Indonesia is included as a country with the third largest reduction in tropical rain forest tree cover in the world.

As an environmentally friendly platform, KOCO wants to help protect Natural Resources by reducing the use of paper in the learning system. With this, the Ministry of Education and Culture's support for the strengthening of the Digital Platform in 2021, this proves that Indonesian education needs a new revolution.

KOCO Paper and KOCO Schools are also expected to be a new solution for PJJ as well as a complement to school digitization as has been programmed by the government. In educating the public to follow the development of modern learning methods, KOCO is also present on the Facebook Page with the name "KOCO Paper Indonesia" and Instagram "".

As an environmentally friendly platform, KOCO invites the public to start being aware of protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper in the future, namely by joining in building a better Indonesia at

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