Brochures Are : Definition, Types, Characteristics, Functions, Purpose and Strengths

Maybe you’ve heard the word brochure? Here we discuss in detail about the definition, type, features, function, purpose, advantages of brochures. Read the following explanation carefully, do not miss.

Brochure Definition

Brochures are one of the external information media in the form of printed writing. To offer a product, this brochure serves to provide product information offered to potential users. Generally, these brochures are in the form of sheets of paper that contain word lines as well as information about a product and plus some supporting images.

Understanding According to Experts

The definition of a brochure according to experts includes the following;

1. Prof. Drs.Onong.U.Effendy in his Dictionary of Communication (1989: 130)

A brochure is a small and thin book that contains information about a thing or activity.

2. Cutlip, Center, and Broom in his book Effective Public Relations (1994: 263-273)

A brochure is a short publication consisting of several pages that contain brief information about an organization or company for public information.

3. Hampton (2013: 1)

State the definition of this pamphlet based on its physical form, i.e. a small piece of printed paper, generally using one sheet of paper measuring 8.5 inches x 11 inches or 8.5 inches x 14 inches with three folds or can be other sizes with many . different folds or without folds.

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Brochure Type

Here are some types of brochures, which consist of:

1. Brochures without folds

Brochures without folds can be known as Flyers, where the brochures do not have folds and the sizes widely used by entrepreneurs are A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm), A4 and DL ( 1/4 quarto paper). This type of brochure can be used for media promotion by providing brief information. If you want to lengthen a bit of information, you can also use A4 paper measuring 21 cm x 29.7 cm.

2. 2 -Fold

Brochure A two -fold brochure usually uses A4 paper with a size of 21 cm x 29.7 cm. The paper will be folded 2 so there are 4 front and back pages. This type of brochure is usually used for promotions that feature more images or have larger images.

3. 3 Fold Brochure The

type and size of the last brochure with 3 folds is the most popular and most widely used brochure for the promotion of goods or services. The paper used to make a 3 -fold brochure is A4 size 21 cm x 29.7 cm where the paper will be folded into 3 parts so that the brochure has 6 pages front and back. If you want to make a brochure with a lot of pictures and pictures or a brochure with a lot of material to be presented. This 3 fold brochure is perfect for your choice to meet your needs.

Brochure Features

Here are some of the features of the brochure, which consist of:

  • Generally have one message. 
  • Aims to be able to inform, educate, and even persuade or even influence people/customers to buy or adopt the message conveyed.
  • Only published once. even so it can be reprinted many times whether updated or not.
  • Made as interesting as possible to attract the attention of the public.
  • Distributed separately by brochure makers.
  • Have an attractive design and also the content must be clear.

Brochure Function

The functions of the brochure include the following:

  • To inform potential users related to the company or products or services to be offered.
  • As an advertising tool or promotional tool, it is attractive and even possible to promote one or more products or services.
  • Good brochure design that allows it to maintain the criteria of all brochures from the company. The criteria, sometimes referred to as concepts, are then incorporated into all sorts of brochures, which will make the company easily identifiable.

Purpose of the Brochure

The following is the purpose of the pamphlet in English, which is as follows:

  • Information
  • Promotion.
  • To increase the attractiveness of a product (To be able to increase the attractiveness of a product).
  • As an identity for a product

Advantages of Brochures

Here are some of the advantages of brochures, which consist of:

Cheap Promotional Media

The cheapest promotional media other than social media is brochure printing. The price of printing brochures on a printing machine is currently very cheap, especially if you print it on the island of Java. You can get the price of printing brochures starting from Rp. 300-500 rupiah a piece, of course the price of the brochure depends on the number of your order, color, and size of the brochure.

Easiest Submission

Only with interesting and clear words, you can deliver your promotional content. Most brochures also rely on communicative images to attract potential customers.

Easy to bring anywhere

With its convenience, brochures can be folded and tucked into a customer’s pocket without complicating your customer. So that when you give a brochure to a customer, the customer can read it anytime and anywhere.

Easy Distribution

You can pick up a brochure and give it away anywhere, depending on your target customers. We often find brochures distributed by the side of the road.

Increase Customer Trust

Your company’s credibility can also be built with brochures, but to increase this credibility, you must be able to create an attractive, elegant and communicative brochure design.

More Specific Information

Although you are required to create a brochure with short and concise sentences, for certain types of brochures (such as specifications) you can use brochures to present more specifically.

Quick Create

There are also many printers around you that offer print speeds. On the Internet alone I often see printers capable of printing thousands of brochures in 1-2 days.

Custom Design

You can define the design of your promotional brochure and adapt it to the development of trends and times. Brochure design trends change almost every year, you can search on Google for growing brochures.

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