Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory and Examples of Pyramid Diagrams

Theory Needs Maslow's Principle

Abraham Maslow developed theory personality that has influence amount different fields, including education. This influence large because part height level practicality's Maslow's theory. Theory this accurate describe reality many from experience private. Many people find that they can understand what Maslow said. They could recognize a number of feature from experience they or right behavior and could identified but they no once entered to in words.

Maslow is a psychologist humanistic. Humanist no believe that push man and drawn by strength mechanic, wrong one from stimulation and reinforcements assistance (behaviorism) or impulse instinctive conscious (psychoanalysis). Humanist focus on potential. They believe that man attempted for level on ability. Man look for boundaries creativity, supreme reach awareness and wisdom . This has labeled “working full of people”, “personality healthy”, or as Maslow called level this, "people actualization" self ."

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Maslow has make theory hierarchy need . All needs base that is instinctoid, equivalent with instinct on animal . Man start with very disposition weak then ancient fully as people grow. When right environment, people will grow straight and beautiful, update the potential they has inherit. If environment not “ true ” (and most no there are) they no will grow tall and straight and beautiful.

Maslow has shape a hierarchy from five level needs base. outside needs that , need more level _ tall there is . This including needs for understand , appreciate aesthetic and spiritual needs pure . In level from five needs basic , people don't feel need second until demands first has satisfied , and third until second has satisfied , and so on . Needs Maslow 's base is as following :

Theory Maslow's Needs

1. Needs This physiology

is needs biological. They consist from needs oxygen, food, water and temperature body relatively constant. They is needs strong because if somebody no given all needs, physiological come first in search somebody for satisfaction .

2. Needs Safety

When all needs physiological satisfied and no control thought again and behavior , needs security could Becomes active. adults have a little awareness security they needs except on moment emergency or period disorganization in structure social (such as unrest broad). Children often showing signs of feeling no safe and need safe .

3. Needs Love, baby and ownership

When needs for safety and well-being physiological satisfied, class next needs for love, baby and ownership could appear. Maslow stated that people are looking for for resolve feeling lonely and alienation. This involve second and accept love, love Dear and gives a sense of belonging .

4. Esteem

Needs When three class first needs fulfilled , needs for price can Becomes dominant . This involve needs good price self and for somebody get appreciation from other people. Man have needs for firm , based, level tall stable self, and respect from other people. When needs this fulfilled , people feel believe self and valuable as people in the world. When needs frustrated, people feel low, weak, no Empower and no valuable.

5. Needs Actualization Self

When all above needs fulfilled , then and only so is needs for actualization self activated. Maslow describes actualization self as people need for Becomes and To do what that person was "born" for done." "One" musician must music, artist must painting, and poet must write."Needs this make self they feel in signs anxiety. that person feeling on edge, tense, lacking something, in short , agitated . If somebody hungry, no safe, no loved or accepted, or not enough price self, very easy for knowing what is that person nervous about. This thing no always clear what someone want to when there is needs for actualization self.

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Theory hierarchy needs often depicted as pyramid, more big level lower represent more needs low, and point on represent needs actualization self. Maslow believes that the only one reason that people don't will move with good in direction actualization self is because constraint placed on the street they by Public country. He that education is wrong one obstacle. He recommend method education could switch from the commoner-dwarf tactics for grow people approach. Maslow stated that educator must respond potency individual has for grow become a person actualization self / kind alone. Ten educator points must registered address :

1. We must teach people to Becomes authentic , for realize self inner they and hear feeling they-voice inner .

2. We must teach people to resolve conditioning culture they and Becomes inhabitant country world .

3. We must help people find calling they in live, call them, fate or destiny. This thing especially focused on find right career and the right partner .

4. We must teach people that life this valuable, that there is must joy experienced in life, and if people are open for look good and happy in all type situation, that make life worth.

5. We must accept people like he or he and help people learn nature inner them. From true knowledge talent and limitations our can know what to do build on, what true potential there is.

6. We must see that needs basic people are met. This covers safety, belongingness, and needs price self.

7. We have to refreshen awareness, teach people to value beauty and things good other in nature and in live .

8. We must teach people that good control and complete leave the bad. Needed control for increase quality live in all area.

9. We must teach people to resolve problem trivial and wrestle with problem are you serious in life . This including problem injustice, pain, suffering, and death .

10.We have to teach people to Becomes good picker. They must given practice in make good choice.

Pyramid Diagram Theory Hierarchy Abraham Maslow's Needs

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